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for it? i didn't have a clue. the u.s. department of education has over $100 billion. and that's a lot of money. to help students pay for college. and the free application? you mean the fafsa. i did it online. it was easy. i'm never giving up on my goals. i will make a difference. i'm going to find out how to pay for college. i'm going to college.gov. will the tech roll continue this week? we have a lot of earnings numbers coming out from some of the biggest players. let's talk with andrew keene, president of keene on the market dot com. first up today we have apple numbers coming out. how do they look to you? > >apple actually has sold off on earnings. it sold off 5 of the last 8 quarters. however, the chart looks pretty strong ever since carl ichan stuck his nose out there and said he wanted to be long apple. the chart looks very strong. they sold 9 million of the new phones. i actually bought the new iphone. i'm not impressed with it but the fact of the matter is they sold 9 million of these. i actually think they're gonna report good earnings last time the stock ralled. i think the
by the national skills coalition of business, labor and education call for industry partnerships in which regional employers work together to fill a worker shortage....tax credits for businesses that work with community college to create faster paths to careers. "we have employers who say they have to turn down work because they can't get workers to meet the orders that are coming in." some say the skills gap could be solved if employers paid more. "it isn't that requisite skills aren't there; they aren't paying enough to attract people away from other occupational choices." but jim soderquist, who oversees a metal fabricating business, says raising pay would mean being less competative globally. "the higher the wages, the more likely we are to go to automation, computer software and such." so far about half of the bills that have been introduced in the senate have bi-partisan co- sponsors. also on the hill today.. 41 house and senate members in charge of writing a farm bill will meet about the much delayed legislation. farms, capitol hill, people the farm bill covers crop insurance, subsidies,
they say the findings are universal for gender, race, educational level and income. >>> thousands of school children got a start on halloween. the event that got them in their costume a few days >>> its was awesome. >>> that's a military pilot. part of the halloween parade in oakland tonight. costumes ran the gammoth from a lion to a tiny little tiger right there. >>> the event is great for the neighborhood. >> it just brings all of us together. it fosters community and lets people know about the businesses in their area. >> about 50 businesses took part handing out candy to the little trick or treaters. and after the parade, a story teller told the kids a spooky story. >> do you have your costume ready? >> no i don't. i haven't even thought about it. >>> let's check in with mark tamayo. gusty winds, you can see the camera behind you shaking. >> the camera is getting a work out this evening. the forecast is shaping up nicely as we head into halloween. we have the high winds out there. producing showers out toward the sierra. we're going to have a chance of a light shower here in the bay are
something to stay, improve their education and skills to compete. >>> a man pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. he is described as a white male in his 20s. he was wearing a gray baseball cap, also that cap had a black bill and he's wearing sunglasses. >>> it was 40 years ago this week that oakland school superintendent marcus foster was gunned down by two members of what was then an unknown group. the liberation army. dr.foster was the first african american superintendent of the oakland school district. foster advocated for community involvement including giving community members the power to elect school members. a look back at the long fbi hunt for the sla tonight on a second look that's following the 10:00 news at 11:00. >>> some people living in oakland's piedmont neighborhood are calling on the city to close down a near by bar after two shootings that police say were connected to that business. both of the shootings happened on piedmont avenue near the susas bar at the corner of piedmont and mcarthur. alex savidge now with the neighbor's concerns and response from the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4